What is Apparel Production Network System?

Apparel Production Network (APN) is a web based production control system to help find solutions to various problems in the production community. Garment production is not an easy task. It involves several stages like cutting, sewing, dyeing, and so on. Each of these stages are completed by different companies which means production is a complicated and stressful job. Production managers face many headaches such as emergency shipping, charge backs, unavoidable human and machine mistakes which sometimes lead to big damages to the company. Of course, there are even more issues when dealing with overseas production. Apparel Production Network helps to solve many problems that production people face on a daily basis. It integrates Buyers, Manufacturer, and Contractors into one system and therefore improving communication, increase in efficiency, and ultimately reduces costs.

Basic features

 Work in process (WIP) control for each purchase order
 Visible production path through production map
 Style image and document system
 Multiple login modes that enables buyers, manufacturers, and contractors to see data that pertains to each party.
 Message and Reminder List system.
 Fabric and Trim order control.
 Problem and Solution Analysis
 Report generation in both PDF and Excel