Why Apparel Production Network System?

1. Accessibility.

APN is a web based program meaning one can enjoy the full benefits of APN anywhere via any computer with internet access.

2. Accurate decision making.

Accurate and trustable WIP data is one of the most critical elements for decision making. APN provides easy and reliable WIP data for each PO.

3. Better communication.

APN provides a message system that integrates buyers, manufacturer, and contractors, allowing efficient communication and documentation sharing.

4. Pinpoint production bottle necks.

APN introduces “Production Map” where one can observe the exact path of their work, and easily detect problem cuts or orders for each PO. All production related information will be displayed and updated on this map.

5. Data security and easy detection of unauthorized updating.

APN has five different login modes: Administrator, Employee, Buyer, Agent, and Contractor. Each mode has different menus and data sets that pertains to each party. Unexpected data changing is one of the more sensitive issues in a multi-user program environment, especially money related data. APN has considered these problems seriously and developed “Data Edit History” to enable one to detect unauthorized data changing by whom and when.

6. Professionalism and improved company image.

APN will enable companies involved in the production process to access data easily and reliably thereby improving the image and professionalism of your company.