Operations Management

Innovative Features and Services

Our services are designed to help our customers succeed in their business. We offer a variety of support systems to ensure that our customers take full advantage of our solutions.

Mobility & Accessibility

APN is a true cloud web-based ERP program. It is meaning one can enjoy the full benefits of APN anywhere via any device with internet access. Keep information at your fingertips from anywhere, at any time.

Data Security & Easy Detection

APN has five different login modes: Administrator, Employee, Buyer, Agent, and Contractor. Each mode has different menus and data sets that pertains to each party. Unexpected data changing is one of the more sensitive issues in a multi-user program environment, especially money related data. APN has considered these problems seriously and developed “Data Edit History” to enable one to detect unauthorized data changing by whom and when.

Better Communication

APN provides a message system that integrates buyers, manufacturers, and contractors, allowing efficient communication and documentation sharing.

Main Functions


  • Multi Division
  • Multi Store
  • Multi Warehouse
  • Mandatory Fields
  • Custom rules
  • Color Code
  • Customer Category / Type
  • Style Category / Type
  • Financial Company
  • Policy Set Up
  • Season Year
  • Size
  • Time Instrucion


  • Message
  • SMS Texting
  • Reminder List
  • Follow-up List
  • Contractor Report
  • Whos online
  • User Activity
  • Company Info
  • User
  • Application Roles

System Upgrades

At APN, our customers are our top priority. We strive to provide you with the best solution for your business. Our ultimate goal is to grow together with our customers.

An effective ERP system cannot remain stagnant and unchanging in our global economy; it must evolve otherwise it is not worth the time and capital. APN strives to stay abreast of business developments and regularly upgrades the software to meet these changes. On-premise ERP systems can be expensive to update, but with APN the cost of upgrades is included in the subscription fee.

You can submit suggestions for adding features. To determine whether or not to develop, the development is decided after reviewing the functions, suitability, and utilization requested by many customers. When it is decided to develop, it is APN’s policy to upgrade as soon as possible. In other words, if it is determined that the proposed content is necessary for all APN users, we can develop and update it at no additional cost, so that all APN users can use it.
However, if you request something for your company that is not needed by other companies, there is a cost and we develop it at a reasonable price.

APN′s innovative features and superior support is what separates it from the competition. Schedule a demo today!

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