Sourcing and Production

Get Every Production Job Done Right

APN ERP System provides a powerful suite of tools to optimize your supply chain, control costs,
and manage vendors and deadlines.

Accurate Decision Making

Accurate and trustable WIP data is one of the most critical elements for decision making. APN provides easy and reliable WIP data for each PO.

Pinpoint Production Bottlenecks

APN introduces “Production Map” where one can observe the exact path of their work, and easily detect problem cuts or orders for each PO. All production related information will be displayed and updated on this map.

Quality Control

Synchronize product line and financial plans to assure the quality of materials, sub-assemblies, and finished products by working from the same library of information.

Material Management

Every department and dimension of your operation–from Design to Bulk and Sample Production– will benefit from sharing the same platform and the resulting streamlined workflow.

Connected Enterprise

Real-time notifications improve communication as changes are made so you and your global business partners can work smarter, not harder.

Supply Chain Management

APN will enable companies involved in the production process to access data easily and reliably thereby gaining real-time insight into all supplier transaction

Integrated EDI Systems

APN provides automatic generation of outbound functional acknowledgments from inbound transmissions.
It automates electronic transaction documentation including:

EDI Documents

753 Request for Routing
754 Request for Routing Response
810 Invoice
812 Debit/Credit Adjustment
816 Organizational Relationships
820 Payment Order/Remittance
832 Price/Sales Catalog
846 Inventory Inquiry/ Advice
850 Purchase Order

852 Product/Sales Activity Data
855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
856 Ship Notice/Manifest
860 Purchase Order Change
864 Text Message
865 Purchase Order Change/ Acknowledgment request
870 Order Status Report
997 Functional Acknowledgment

EDI Retailers

APN ERP’s integrated EDI service saves you time, money, and works seamlessly. Here you will easily find all of the EDI Retailers that APN fashion software currently works with. Become EDI complaint!

Main Functions


  • Production Management
  • Task Manager for Production T&A
  • Projection & Private Label
  • Automatically calculate required Fabric Qty and Percentage
  • Automatically calculate required Trim Qty and Percentage
  • PO/Cut Ticket Issue directly from Sales Order
  • Component/material Pull Sheet per default Cost Sheet/BOM
  • Component/material Quantity Actualization;
  • Generate Actualized Average Cost
  • Live Inventory Update of Finished Good and Component/material


  • Cost Sheet/Bill of Material by Sales Order, Production Order
  • BOM Actualization for updating material inventory & Actual Cost.
  • Populate Requirement report
  • Separating Component used for all colors and Used for a specific color
  • Percentage overhead calculation


  • Fabric Code
  • Fabric Order
  • Fabric Analysis
  • Fabric Inventory
  • Fabric ChargeBack
  • Trim Code
  • Trim Order
  • Trim Inventory
  • Trim ChargeBack

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