Why Do I Develop APN?

At the age of 40, I began to worry about life. I began to think about past dreams I had forgotten about during my hectic every day life.

Why did I leave my home country to immigrate to a foreign one? Who am I? Where do humans come from and where do they go? What’s the reason for living? Why couldn’t it be like the song lyrics of singer Cho Yong-pil’s song “come like the wind and leave like the dew”?


After leaving my home country I jumped into the clothing industry to survive. Wholesale clothing requires many steps. It starts with product design, followed by production and then sales. After that merchandise needs to be packed and shipped, but only if the payment transaction is successful.

In short, it is a complicated process.


Throughout this process there are many times when you end up losing money due to little things that one may over see. In certain cases we missed deadlines and orders would get cancelled. There was no choice but to now sell the unwanted merchandise at a lower price. And so in the back of my mind I was always filled with regret if the little things weren’t checked as they would mean loss of profit in the long run. If you’ve ever done wholesale clothing I’m sure you can relate.


Tigers leave only their skins when they die, but through his achievements a man’s name lives on. I decided I would leave a useful software program before I died. If I could make a good enough software program that could solve the inconveniences of wholesale clothing production and selling then it would be a good enough reason for why I came to this world.

So, I started to develop APN with people who shared my vision. APN is now used by more than 150 companies. I am thankful of everyone who uses APN and is with us as we work to make APN.


And even after APN team members and I are long gone as long as our customers continue to use APN our hard work will live on. It is my wish that newcomers to wholesale apparel will use this software to solve difficulties that tormented me in the past.

Lastly, I would like to thank my team members that work everyday to make our software the best. Let’s keep making APN better… we will be gone one day, but may APN last forever.