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What kind of features does APN have?

aA.P.N. provides inventory, production, accounting, sales and show order management, eCommerce Order management etc – all functions necessary for a business to be managed efficiently.

Are inventory and accounting menus linked?

aInventory data such as sales, purchases can be automatically reflected in accounting side as well. With APN, connecting dots in between different menus can be an easy job as with minimal voucher entry, it can be shown in multiple menus.

When can I start using the program?

aAPN is a web-based system so it does not need to be newly developed or installed. You can use it immediately after subscribing from the web.

Can I use APN outside the office?

aSure, just as long as you have internet, you can use all functions without any limitations. Everything can be used anytime, anywhere which makes it easier to share work in real time.

Can I send sales Order, Line Sheet, Invoice by email in APN?

aOf course, all types of reports such as Statement, Fabric Order, Trim Order etc ~~~can be sent by email immediately.

Is it possible to share work with our overseas Partners?

aAPN is web-based you can definitely use it overseas with smartphone or tablet any time any where.

Do you provide data backup function?

aYes. APN provides Excel backup function, so you can download Many datas entered in APN to Excel and keep it.

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