APN Show Application

APN Mobile App For Tradeshows

APN Mobile App was developed for tradeshows and showrooms who depend on critical turnaround times and high-volume ordering in mind.

APN provides the quickest order taking App available in the market. There is no longer a need to move the samples to the register. You can scan it at the rack. It enables you to utilize the floor space for the samples and buyers, not for the computers.

APN mobile tradeshow module provides real-time inventory by remotely replicating with your main APN database. Orders placed at the show are synchronized with your warehouse so orders can be processed immediately.

  • Check Live Inventory
  • Sold Out Warning
  • Capture Credit Card with Safe Encryption
  • Database Replication Enables Same Day Shipping

Handheld Computers For APN Mobile App

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User-friendly Interfaces

The quickest order taking App available in the market.